Art and photography

“Photography has touched the life of every one. It has supplanted to a large extent the use of the pencil and the brush, as it overcomes the average person’s inability to draw with accuracy the objects before him…
Enslaved by commercialism, this plain photography has run into a lifeless groove.

Couple, Paris, 1950 by Brassai

Art in photography is possible only in an extension of the methods known and in the employment of new processes to effect a manipulation of the photo-image. When the tool is made so pliable that it records more than the surface appearance of things, when the personal element enters to give life to the accurate records, the present limitations of impersonal representation are removed from photography, and its large true sphere of influence opens. “

New York 1907

Bal des Quatre Saisons, rue de Lappe. c. 1932 by Brassai [Plaisirs 2] © Estate Brassaï Succession, Paris

The above quote was written more than a 100 years ago, and still it feels like relevant.  The last century was a wonderful manifestation of the photographic art. Millions of photographs produced, countless magazines edited, thousands of books written about it. One could say that after 100 years the medium is exhausted. But against all odds we are witnessing a rebirth of film photography. And while the mainstream of photography was always in use of the new technical advancements, I feel that there is still place for the analog medium.

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