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  • Hi, fellow analog photographer. This magazine is at the very beginning. For it to become alive I need help. This site is free to use. There are no ads, and no  monetization. I pay for the hosting, and I do the customization and coding.  So do not expect any pay for your contribution. But as


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A magazine about artistic analog photography.

Analog photography is photography that uses a progressively changing recording medium, which may be either chemical process based (e.g., photographic film or plate) or electronic (e.g., vidicon or CCD sensor). Lomography defines analog photography as ‘photography using an analog camera and film. For more than a hundred years, this was the only kind. Analog photography has come to mean anything that is “not digital” .

Contrary to the apprehension that digital photography gave a death blow to the previous medium, analog photography not only survived, but also has been expanding across the globe.

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